Turn Your Back on Bush
Helped organizers gather 5,000 of our closest friends for an action countering George Bush’s 2006 inauguration with an action that was its message


Canadian Union of Postal Workers
With strategist Philippe Duhamel, we taught the union to carry-out the nonviolent “search and seizure” in its bold campaign Operation Transparency


Philadelphia Campaign for Housing Justice
Was an organizer in the ultimately unsuccessful coalition of labor and community groups fighting for more affordable housing via an inclusionary zoning policy


Casino-Free Philadelphia
Lead strategist with CFP’s successfully slaying a wildly connected $650 million casino project (as written in the book Strategy and Soul)


Riders Against Gender Exclusion
Consulted with RAGE to “up their confrontation skills” so they could win rights for trans-riders in the first Philly transgendered direct action group


Earth Quaker Action Team
Led trainings and hands-on staff work for EQAT to help the Quakers get bolder actions, stronger messaging, and a written, direct action campaign plan