How to prepare for international trips (like the “worst conflict in the world”)

March 2, 2017/ Article

I’ve trained in about two dozen different countries, most of them on multiple occasions.  Trainers at Training for Change are increasingly training internationally.  The last year other trainers have led major trainings in Turkey, the UK, and Thailand — with another trip soon to Colombia (where co-director Nico Amador will lead trainings with trans youth). Because of my range of experiences, I wanted to offer some reflections on how to make

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The Upside-Down Kingdom: learning from the margins

February 28, 2017/ Article

My dad was a Baptist preacher.  A “classic” sermon of his was the “upside-down kingdom” — the message that God’s kingdom reflected different values of this one.  While the values of today might be for money and military and power, the kingdom of God reflected the marginal voices that put love first.  He would preach that for God’s kingdom to come a new set of values must emerge — and not

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